This is a question that’s hard to answer simply because the answer is different for everyone. As for when exactly a baby should be walking differs is because they develop at different times. Many babies begin walking as early at 7, 8 or 9 months, while others who are late bloomers and may not begin until 16 months or even later. Generally, half of babies begin to take their first steps around 1 year.

The three main factors that go into the process include, 1. muscle strength, 2. balance, and 3. temperament.

The latter is the factor that most affects the age at which your baby will walk, most experts say. Some babies continue to crawl because they can move faster than if they try to stand and walk. Early walkers can be more driven to try new motor skills, and lean babies often begin to walk earlier. Most babies simply decide for themselves when they are ready to walk, studies show. If you notice that your baby has certain foot gait abnormalities, such as pigeon-toed, walking on tiptoe, or duck walking, it is a good idea to see a podiatrist for an examination and have a discussion on possible treatment options.

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